Two More Successful Sales in the Books

Once again, the Texas Thoroughbred Association called upon Thoroughbred Catalog web services to give their online catalog the boost they’ve come to expect from us, and, once again, showed gains in their yearling sale.

New for 2017, the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association featured the Thoroughbred Catalog web service index on their website, and, to meet auction house demand, featured a robust airway scope and bone radiograph repository for viewing. This saved the MTA from having to set up a separate repository station at their sale and freed their personnel to perform other essential tasks. Kay King, Executive Director for the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association expressed how happy she was that they utilized Thoroughbred Catalog to enhance their marketing. King told us over the phone that she was able to simply forward pictures and videos to us that were sent to her and they “magically” appeared on her catalog. Of course, it wasn’t magic, but was just one example of the great support she received for her sale. King was also able to realize savings on the printing and mailing of print catalogs to the MTA sale buyers because of the online presence of the catalog pages, updates, photos, videos, and repository.

If you’re a regional auction house, consider using Thoroughbred Catalog to enhance your website. You can turn it into the online catalog and ultimate marketing tool you always wanted it to be… at a price you can afford.

Are You Considering Selling Your Horse at a Fasig-Tipton or Keeneland Assocation Sale?

Are you a Thoroughbred breeder or pinhooker? Do you think that Fasig-Tipton, Keeneland Sales, and OBS Sales charge too much to sell your horse? Keeneland just announced a new commission structure that will cost sellers even MORE money to sell their horses in their sales. As many regional sales companies step up to provide a more local, affordable option for sellers, Thoroughbred Catalog is here to provide these regional markets with an affordable, viable technology solution to help facilitate interaction between the buyers and the sellers taking part in the regional sales. Thoroughbred Catalog offers regional sales companies an online, searchable / sortable catalog indexes on their existing websites to effectively display their catalog pages, conformation photos, walking videos, under-tack videos, and social media embeds on a neatly organized profile for each horse.

“Your service has transformed our market place…” Tim Boyce

If you run a regional sale, consider adding Thoroughbred Catalog to your arsenal of tools to help promote your sale to your buyers. Give your buyers the same online tools that Fasig-Tipton, Keeneland Sales, and OBS Sales offer their buyers, at a very small fraction of the cost of what they pay their IT departments and web developers.

If you have commercial bloodstock to sell, consider selling at one of our partner sales companies, like the Texas Thoroughbred Association or, if you’re closer to the northern Midwest, the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association. These companies have realized the value in providing an interactive catalog experience for their buyers. This brings competition among the buyers, directly benefiting the sellers, so everyone wins!

Photos, Videos, and Social Media of Fasig-Tipton Midlantic 2 Year Olds in Training

In celebration of our 1-Year anniversary, we will be capturing as many photos and videos of the 2017 Fasig-Tipton Midlantic 2 Year Olds in Training sale, and we will be posting the media right here on Thoroughbred Catalog. You will need to have a paid membership to see photos and videos of horses that are not sponsored by their consignors. Horses can be sponsored for as little as $10 for photos only, or $20 each for photos and a video, so please encourage consignors to sponsor their horses. If consignors do not sponsor their horses, you can still see photos and videos, with the catalog page, by signing up for a membership. A paid membership gives you UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL photos and videos in our catalogs, regardless of whether a horse sponsored or not.

Click here to sign up and get access just in time for one of the hottest 2 year old sales of the season! We will also be covering the July Sale in Kentucky and the Saratoga Select sale as well, so the fun doesn’t stop after the 2 year old sales are over. You must purchase a paid subscription to see non-sponsored photos and videos.

Gain access to photos that not even the sellers want you to see! Not every consignor or seller wants photos or videos of their horses posted for the public to see, but we’re bringing them to you anyway!

Texas 2 Year Old Sale a Smashing Success

The Texas Thoroughbred Association has everything to be proud of for its outstanding sale of juveniles that concluded earlier this week. The sale showed a 91% increase in gross receipts, and attendance by bidders that surpassed all expectations, with buyers like James McIngvale (owner of Champion Male Sprinter, Runhappy), as well as, Bryan Anderson, a Canadian agent representing buyer Peter Redekop. Anderson made the long trek to Texas from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Prominent California trainer Doug O’Neill was also among the sale’s bidders but was subsequently outbid on a horse of interest.

Sale Director Tim Boyce, who also ran the sale when it was previously run by Fasig-Tipton, gave partial credit of the sale’s success to Thoroughbred Catalog. “Your service has really transformed the marketplace,” Boyce told me over the phone. He was able to show video, photos uploaded by TTA Sales provided by the consignors, as well as photos posted on social media by photographers who covered the under-tack show and sale. All of these assets were included in each horse’s sale profile, with the breeze time, for the buyer to inspect in an interactive manner. Boyce stated that he was able to talk to O’Neill over the phone during bidding while the California horseman inspected the horse’s online profile. He also noted that one of the photos posted to the catalog got the attention of the Canadian agent Bryan Anderson, who flew down to Texas to attend the sale in-person. The interest of both bidders stemmed from the availability of the photos prior to the sale.

The results of the Texas Thoroughbred Association’s Sale of Two Year Olds in Training can be found at

Thoroughbred Catalog receives traffic from nearly every major racing jurisdiction, both domestically and Internationally, from potential buyers who are willing to buy a plane ticket to your sale if a photo of a good-looking horse catches their attention. The integration and careful curation of photos, videos, and embedded social media provide the buyer with the most complete profile possible for each horse. At less than $10 per horse, why not sponsor your sale on Thoroughbred Catalog? You can post your full sale, with photos, videos, and social media, to your existing WordPress site without having to increase your storage quota for your web hosting. Your sale is also posted to this website and can attract buyers that might not be on your distribution list!

Contact us today to boost your sale’s results!

A Look at 2017 Yearling Sales

As 2017’s yearling sales season quickly approaches, let’s take a look at what we will be covering as we get more in-depth on sales.


We will be taking more photos of more yearlings than any other publication on the planet. Not just those by hot sires, but every yearling we can get a good look at through the viewfinder on our newly upgraded photography gear. Not only will we be posting photos, regional sales companies who are sponsoring their sales on Thoroughbred Catalog will also be posting photos.


In addition to photos, we will be hosting videos for sales, both yearlings and two year-olds. You won’t find more anywhere else.

Social Media Linking

We will curate social media (photos, videos, and mentions) from all over to give you foal photos, yearling conformation shots, and walking videos, linked with the catalog page for each hip we can find, to give you the most complete profile possible for each horse.

Isn’t all of this a lot of work?

It is, and this is why Thoroughbred Catalog is now a premium offering for hips that are not sponsored by either the seller of the horse or the auction house. This helps cover costs associated with running the website, equipment, travel to sales, as well as time invested.

Content / News

We will also be doing news coverage for sales, predictions, as well as covering the progeny of the hottest sires, like Uncle Mo, Into Mischief, Palace Malice, Bernardini, Malibu Moon, Kitten’s Joy, and other sires that continue to amaze us!

Benefits of Membership

If you’re a bloodstock agent, let us allow you to make more of your time. Thoroughbred Catalog can enable you to get another look at horses you might want a second look at, long after the showing hours are over the night before the sale begins, or even just hours before a sale begins. Is there a horse that you didn’t get to see during showing hours? Look for photos and videos of that horse in the media sections for that sale! Sign up today and know that you have access to these photos anytime, anywhere, straight from your web browser of choice.

Stay tuned for all of this on Thoroughbred Catalog!

Equipment Upgrades

In addition to hosting online sales indices for sale companies and individual horse profiles for consignors, Thoroughbred Catalog also provides photography and walking videos using high-quality hand-held and aerial photography equipment.

To be blunt, my first couple major yearling sales doing conformation shots did not go so well due to the fact that the camera I was using at the time kept freezing, usually around the time the yearling colt or filly would be in just the right pose for conformation, plus, I had no control over the shutter speed, causing blur in some of the images I was capturing. After enough of these failures, I vowed to never offer photography at another yearling sale until I had the right equipment for the job.

Well, that day is today and I am excited as ever to be able to offer this to my clients, with full monitor viewing of each shot as it is captured. I am also excited to offer this photography with upgraded editing software, and a best-in-class cloud-based system for displaying these images with the catalog page, video, and any related social media mentions of each horse to give the buyers the most compelling, comprehensive, virtual inspection experience possible for each horse.

Thoroughbred Catalog can do this all for the buyers, sellers, and even the auction houses, using our industry-leading software.

Please contact us to help you effectively promote your yearlings and two-year-olds in training with photos, videos, and social media on our interactive catalog index for each sale!

Thoroughbred Catalog, Version 2.0

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Thoroughbred Catalog!

The latest version of the Thoroughbred Catalog site brings much better performance to both mobile and desktop browsers, as well as an improved experience in terms of data usage and finding the information you are seeking efficiently and effectively.

This site will also offer photos and videos sponsored by consignors, and also for premium membership packages for photos and videos that we capture independently at each sale. If a consignor has sponsored a photography / videography session, the resulting photos and videos will be available for you to browse free of charge. All other photography captured by Thoroughbred Catalog will be on a subscription basis, once implemented.

While freely available, social media regarding specific hips will be premium offerings unless otherwise sponsored by the consignor or sales company. We are not charging for what is potentially someone else’s photography… instead, we are charging for the time and effort taken to verify and link the social media to the catalogue page so that you have all of the information about a specific horse in one convenient place. Think of it as paying us to do a small piece of your pre-sale homework for you.

All assets, including the premium assets, will be free through the end of April. The Fasig-Tipton Midlantic Two Year Olds in Training sale will be our first paid premium offering.

We will make every effort to capture photography of as many yearlings and two-year-olds-in-training as possible starting in May, and concluding with the Fasig-Tipton October Yearlings sale in Lexington, KY.

We look forward to serving you and your clients for the 2017 sales season!